No graft, palm grease or payola was exchanged for these kind words.

This first one has more impact as a visual:

Lee Clow writes in my copy of leeclowsbeard (the book).

I knew the first time I worked with him that Jason has a gift. Something stirs in him that is part Charles Dickens, part Steven Wright and part David Fincher. He has both a visual style and writing talent that have the clarity few in the industry could even imagine. Jason is a creative force that shines like the summer sun. It is undeniable and permeates his every action. And like a great Mamet screenplay, Jason’s first act is full of carefully chosen words and the strong, quick decision making usually reserved for emergency room surgeons. Watch him, watch his work and relish that his second act hasn’t even started yet. I, personally, can’t wait.

– Norry Niven

   Director/Principal, Three (One) O Films


Jason is not exactly a guy who loudly toots his own horn. In fact, he is downright ninja-like in his accomplishments. But I have watched Jason time-and-time again take small, medium and large assignments and turn them into award-winners. By no means were Jason an I Kumbaya, but he always listened to my account-guy position, defended his beliefs and landed in the camp of what was best for the brand. For that, I gained immense respect and trust in the guy. At this point in his career, he has provided the voice for an entire spectrum of targets and industries. Trust me, he’s seen the pitch and will deliver the hit.

– Mike Stopper

   Director of Account Service & Strategy, Johnson & Sekin


I have great respect for Jason’s writing talent. I have seen him take a concept from good to great on many occasions. And, while any new business win is a team effort, there have been pitches in which I know Jason’s work contributed significantly to the win.

– Steve Smith

   Director of Planning/Partner, Firehouse


I have had the pleasure of working with Jason for the past three years. Whether it’s been a million dollar TV shoot or a simple web banner Jason always delivered. He is a very talented writer that not only understands the creative side of things but the business side as well. He’s a great addition to any agency looking to do creative, smart and forward thinking work for their clients.

– Everett Wilder

   GCD/Principal, Firehouse


Jason is not only an extremely talented writer, but is also a great addition to any creative department. His rapier-sharp wit shines through in all mediums. He is never satisfied with good enough. He strives to make every piece of creative he touches, be it as a writer or as a creative director, shine. His masterful knowledge of the English language means if your proofreader is out with a bad case of leprosy, he can step in and catch any and all language infractions. In short, I’d hire him. As a matter of fact, I have.

– Greg Nations

   Managing Partner, Villain Design


Jason is a phenomenal creative writer. I have used him on many projects and the results were stellar. I highly recommend using his skills, unless, of course, he’s busy working with me.

РSteve Ga̤onnier

   Owner, Janimation

Jason is a writer who can just as effortlessly concept and arresting visual as he can craft a radio spot that engages, inspires and quite possibly causes such a fit of laughter that the listener’s vehicle careens off a highway overpass injuring hundreds and causing traffic delays for hours. This man’s talent far exceeds his resume or his sense of fashion. He is a humorous and engaging presenter and the most attractive man ever to be named Jason Fox. He fears God and loves animals and kids. Also, he is undefeated in Trivial Pursuit. Hire Jason and all your wildest dreams will come true.

– Rob Johnson

   Senior Design Director, Spire Agency


As Jason’s former art director partner, I worked with him on a daily basis for several years. Jason is one of the most talented writers I’ve encountered. He is excellent at concepting and methodical when producing. He has the unique ability to craft advertising that always sells the product in a memorable and unexpected way.

– Paul Prato

   Creative Director, PP+K