Stripes Convenience Stores

The challenge: Create a radio campaign for Stripes that could last over multiple spots for multiple years and matched the brand’s new, bold voice without resorting to banal clichés.
The solution: Townsend Coleman. The voice of NBC, “The Tick” and countless other things you’ve heard and loved imposed his singular vocal stylings upon a character that was at once fun, clueless, endearing and always in awe of the Stripes customer.


Planet Thirst:  


Guy’s Snacks

The challenge: Create a concept with legs that would make a venerable local snack-food company seem fresh and relevant again. A dense media buy required that the spots have a high replay value.
The solution: A 24-spot campaign debunking legends, myths and other strange tales surrounding the brand. After this, nobody forgot the Guy’s. And many even remembered the ads.

Elfin Magic:  

Lord of the Chip:  

Spook Light:  

Off-Off Broadway: 

The G-Files: 


Kansas City Zoo

The challenge: The Kansas City Zoo was low on people’s lists of summer activities, if it was on their list at all. 

The solution: Combine the authorative voice of Jim Cummings with alternately sassy and bored kids to position the Zoo as a place that will shut that yaps by filling them with glee. “Health Alert” was a Radio Mercury semi-finalist.





The challenge: Convince people to McDonald’s during non-mealtimes to partake in a new offering, the McSnack.

The solution: Boldy appeal to taste buds and funny bones in skewed tales of how one could acquire their desired snack sans-McD’s if they didn’t mind some minor difficulties. The use of “Chachi” had to be vetted by legal.

Chachi Loves Pie:  

Just Say Oui:  

Creamy Leather:  


Romano’s Macaroni Grill

The challenge: Differentiate the client’s new Italian Mediterranean positioning from the Olive Gardens of the world.
The solution: Tie MacGrill’s new menu and cooking methods back to the Amalfi coast from whence they came via short, authentic, often amusing “Mediterranean Moments.” Also, hire Stanley Tucci as voice talent.

Authentic Antonio:  

Sauce for One:  

Basic Rules:  



The challenge: Making gas interesting in the days before $100/barrel oil.
The solution: As much entertainment value as possible.

His Gas Drove Us Apart:  

The Road to QuikTrip:  


Thrifty Car Rental

The challenge: People tend to only rent cars when they go out of town. That just wasn’t fun or fiscally advantageous for Thrifty.
The solution: Create a local store marketing campaign that whimsically details the myriad ways in which a rental car comes in handy – even in your own neighborhood.


Land Yacht: