Seerist is “the world’s only augmented analytics solution for threat and risk intelligence professionals.” “Uhhhhhhh, what?” we hear you asking. Seerist uses their own AI-powered neural network that is probably not a precursor to Skynet to gather what those in the intelligence community call “data” and then analyzes it to make predictions about threats, disruptions, and other terrible things that might upset government or business concerns. Real people, whom we will call “spooks” because we’ve watched too many spy thrillers, verify and tweak what the algorithms have deduced.

Pretty cool, right? So what does that have to do with Wunderspun?

Well, Seerist is the result of a merger of two risk analytics firms. One had the AI tech and the other had the global network of, umm, spooks. While both entities had been successful enough over the years, they also realized that their respective brands – which would cease to be after the merger – sounded like just about every other tech-based concern out there. Not wanting the same fate to befall their new enterprise, they called us. How they got our name is a matter of national security, of course. But it’s probably because we worked with their CMO when she was at another company and we did the same thing for her there.

Thus, we did my usual brand voice exploration which eventually resulted in numerous pieces including their new website, Which we wrote. But did not design because they already had internal people handling that. And since websites tend to change when those who wrote them least suspect it, we have included screen captures below:

Home Page


Government Services