When we last left Sony Ericsson, the brand was busily scarfing down a container of the Colonel’s finest Original Recipe so it would have a suitable bucket to kick. Now, with the brand equity-less “Ericsson” finally jettisoned, the rechristened Sony Mobile is launching its sparkly new self with work from McCann Worldgroup.

To really push their new “Made of Imagination” tagline (which, ironically, is not a very imaginative line by itself), the creative team decided that writing their own scripts was just too interruptive of their marathon Angry Birds sessions and decided to let the kids have a crack at it. And I mean actual kids, not junior creatives. I applaud this move. Well played, Ryan Montanti (CW) and Richard Kluver (AD). And, after viewing the first spot, well done.

This first bit comes from one Jake Ryan, who is not yet an action hero, but is and 8-year-old kid from Long Island who knows that all the great stories involve robots. Charged with bringing Master Ryan’s idea to life was director Wes Anderson. Though possibly most famous for the film “Rushmore,” Anderson is, in this spot, firmly planted in his “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” mode. Which is a good thing.

I love this spot. It won’t get me to trade in my iPhone, but it already makes me think of Sony phones as something more than a cheap freebie from a third-tier carrier. So that’s something.



Tip o’ the Hole to Adweek for the link.