Google continues to roll out its new Google Wallet service in ways both puzzling (only available to the ginormous installed user base of Nexus S 4G phones on Sprint and nothing else) and delightful. Assuming you find the still grumpily cherubic Jason Alexander in full George Costanza mode delightful. And I do. For those not weaned on “Seinfeld,” George was notorious for having the ultimate fat wallet. Containing roughly every receipt, ticket stub and bus pass the man had acquired since the 1970s, George’s wallet defied the physics of folding paper as well as the tensile strength of normal cow hides. A premise that Google uses to welcome effect in the spot below, which labels George as Google Wallet’s first customer. (Although I see George as more of WebOS clinger than Android fan.) The spot also proves that good ads need not have a completely new or unexpected idea to be interesting. Serenity now, indeed.