Brands face problems all the time. In Toyota’s case, they had one that at first seemed trivial but, if you think about, is actually quite important. No, silly, I’m not talking about their balky accelerators from 2009. I’m talking about the need to have a standard plural form of Prius (Toyota’s ecoweeniemobile for those living under rocks or gold-plated towers sitting on oil fields). The company is about to launch a new version of the Prius, a full-blown plug-in version. Until now, the Prius has used typical hybrid technology – a gas engine supplemented by electric motors. So, what are various Prius models called when you get tired of writing “various Prius models” in your glossy brochure?

I don’t know, but you apparently make a music video about it and ask the consuming public to decide. Good move, Toyota. It makes you car look 2% less hippie-ish. Still won’t buy it, of course. I love burning dead dinosaurs. And sitting here on Capitol Hill.