Lawsuit! Yayyyyy! At least that’s what CKE Restaurants – parent company of Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s – is screaming in response to a new TV ad by competitor Jack in the Box.

Seems “angus” is one eraser mark away from a less-than-savory part of the cow – or any other creature for that matter – and the suits at CKE aren’t taking too kindly to the insinuation. (Granted, these are the same people that have yet to truly explain what “Carl’s Junior” refers to. Junior what? Who’s Carl? Is there a sit-down restaurant somewhere called Carl’s Senior?)

Call me crazy. Call me irresponsible. Call me Shirley for all I care, but I find it humorous that the company that used an even-more-tarted-up-than-usual Paris Hilton to pimp (and I mean that) its burgers feels it possesses enough moral high ground to complain about a little scatological humor, even if it is at their expense. Legally, they might have a case as the ad does compare sirloin, which is a cut of beef, to Angus, which is a breed of cattle. But, seriously, whatever.

Granted, I’ve been a huge fan of Jack in the Box ads since before Algore invented the World Wide Webbing, so maybe I’m biased.

But I’ll take funny over skanky any day.

Take a look and judge for yourself:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go soak up Philly like a sponge.