Today is Good Friday. It is the second holiest day of the year after Easter. Obviously, without the resurrection on Easter morning, Christ’s death on Friday would have been worse than pointless, it would have revealed Christ to be a fraud and there would be no Christian religion today. (Assuming, of course, that a true Messiah would not have come between then and now, but I’m splitting hairs.)

I am a Christian. Often not a very good one as I’m sure many of you reading this could point out. But, as of this writing at least, I am heading in the right direction – which is said, not with pride, but with relief. So I’m taking time today to pause and reflect on Good Friday, Easter and the enormity of God’s grace.

I invite those who believe to do the same.

I invite those who do not believe to take a moment and look outside your window. Now, would you rather believe that everything you see is the result of chance? A random arrangement of atoms formed over the millennia? And that, given this, whatever actions you take in your life are, in the end, pointless? Or do you feel the tugging at your heart, the longing to know that there is a purpose to all this. A reason for the madness around you. An answer to every single question you may ever ask.

Then look beyond the lies of this world, beyond the trappings and legalism of religion, and find the truth. It’s easier than you think.

It must be. After all, I found it.

Happy Easter,