So. Parted ways with my personal Agency of Record yesterday. Waves of ambivalence continue to wash over me. On the one hand, I knew I wasn’t a good fit at the agency and the time had come to leave. On the other hand, the paycheck was nice. I also liked my fellow creatives, who will remain my friends. I even liked some of the account people. Who knew?

I’ve been at three agencies so far. All run by account guys. I’d like to avoid that again unless said account guy is really an ad guy. And if you don’t know what that means, don’t call me.

I’m not sure what this fourth chapter of my career will entail. I’ll be looking at more agencies to be sure, and if one feels right I’ll join it. Assuming they ask. But I may also just freelance, attempt to get some voice over work and maybe finish all those other writing projects I never seemed to have time for. Megan and I have been praying for God to open a new door – this must just be step one.

For the moment, send me your leads, your freelance gigs, your tax-free cash gratuities. And thanks for reading.