The power

The power

Let’s weave some magic.

If you have grown weary of poseurs passing themselves off as gurus, spouting jargon and jackasseries signifying nothing, well, you’ve come to the right place. A place where great work – anchored by great writing – creates great rewards. Like profits.

The Who


From the worldwide headquarters of value (Walmart) to mom-and-pop pizza joints, Wunderspun has helped all manner of businesses stand apart far from the madding crowd. So whether you’re a CMO, brand director, marketing manager, or do-it-all startup founder, Wunderspun is your ticket to sticking it to the Mediocre Man.


Wunderspun has a long history of helping agencies who appreciate the value of the written word and its place at the heart of great work. Some need a relief valve. Others require expertise they lack. All wish to impress their clients. And none want to pay good money for bad puns. Naturally, we will never seek to claim one of your clients for our own. That would be rude.

The What


The only action you can bore people into is ignoring you. Work that sells – both today and tomorrow – is always interesting, is always relevant, and always values people’s time. And it always, always, always sounds smart. Even when it’s a visual.

Brand Development

You don’t have to be different to sound different, but you better sound different if you want people to think you are. And, assuming you actually want to be successful, you do. From complete rebuilds to strategic rehabs, we’ll help your brand figure out who it is, how it should talk, who it should it attract, and how to do so.


Is it possible for the entire team to be too close to the work to judge it objectively? But of course. And when that happens, you can either start asking the folks in procurement what they think, or come here for a first-rate second opinion.

The Why

A specific set of skills for a particular group of people.

If you don’t need to be convinced of the power of a great idea, the importance of a singular tone of voice, or the wisdom of smart, relevant creative work, you won’t need much convincing to give Wunderspun a whirl.

Brand Voices Created

Recent Clients

Clients Served

Projects Dominated

The Work.

Much of our work these days is covered by NDAs. And since we prefer being both honest and lawsuit-free, we’ve chosen to instead offer this sampling of (mostly) past work. Including projects completed at previous agencies, or in partnership with other agencies (yes, Wunderspun will gladly assist another agency in their efforts). Selections from clients massive and minuscule alike prove our point that every brand can be an interesting brand. And if you’re looking for a particular type (media, industry, etc.) of work that you don’t see here, give us a shout. There isn’t much we haven’t done.

Meet the brain beneath the ’fro.

Jason Fox is a writer and creative director who has survived, decently unscathed, over two decades in the ad industry. His closetful of awards features hardware from the Effie, Addy, and Radio Mercury Awards; appearances in Communication Arts and Adweek’s Best of TV; and a smattering of Best of Somethingorothers.

Jason is a published author and the chin behind @leeclowsbeard, an advertising-themed Twitter account that was named the “Fourth Best Advertising Twitter Feed to Follow” by

Originally from Kansas City, Jason will freely offer his opinion on barbecue. Among other things. In his poorly named free time, he attempts to be a good husband and father, dreams of fast cars, complains about his chicken legs while mountain biking, and threatens to nap.

Let the spin begin.

If you believe in fighting the proliferation of mediocrity, that there is no metric for blowing people’s minds, that making a logo 10% bigger won’t help a message that’s 50% irrelevant, that baby steps are for babies, not brands, and that failure hurts less than regret, well, you should probably fill out this form.

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